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Hale Means Home

In the Hawai'ian language, home is translated as "hale" (HA-lay). Our telehealth practice is your home where you can feel your best. We take a science-based, evidence-driven approach to your health, which can include hormone replacement therapy. Book a Free Online Consultation and discover why our clients keep coming back home.

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Hale Wellness Clinic

A family practice with 20+ years of experience

Hale Wellness Clinic is an established telemedicine practice that is committed to assisting patients with their treatment options, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We provide comprehensive and individualized wellness evaluations during our telehealth visits for men and women that focus on hormone balance and are designed to help you age with vitality through our personalized hormone treatment plan. We proudly serve Arizona, Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build strong connections with our patients during telehealth visits by listening to them and treating them with evidence-based medicine that allows them to live long, healthy lives.

Common Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalances

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact us for a complimentary online consultation.

  • Experience the Power of Integrative Health Through Hormone Therapy

    Hale means home, and our goal is to help each of our patients feel at home! We take a patient-centric approach where we are committed to listening to your concerns and desires. We offer personalized telehealth visits and services to every patient and treat them based on their symptoms, not numbers on a lab test. Our 20+ years of experience, along with our skilled and professional staff, are the perfect pair to help you feel comfortable while discussing any personal issues that you might be facing. After thorough testing and going through your symptoms and needs, we will assess your specific condition, such as an evaluation of your hormone levels, such as a testosterone deficiency. We will provide you with medically substantiated, effective care, that may include hormone replacement therapy, that will literally change your life. This will include going through your medical history and health history during your telehealth visits and follow-up appointments. 

  • Finding a doctor who actually listens these days seems like an impossible task. I met Emese over a decade ago after visiting many doctors who said I was “fine” and my symptoms were all in my head. Emese listened to me and ran a battery of tests, only to find I wasn’t fine, but had hormone disfunction.

    She has worked with me through early menopause as well as thyroid issues. At 53, I feel better than I did twenty years ago, and it’s because of Emese, her ability to listen and her extensive knowledge of hormones. My weight is normal, I’m active, I sleep well and I don’t have any mood swings. If you’re tired of your current doctor dismissing your concerns, feeling exhausted / achy / sick, and not being able to lose weight, then you’ll want to go with Hale Wellness.



    I have been a patient at Hale Wellness Clinic for the past year, and a patient of Emese’s since 2006. Emese listens to my concerns and works with me to reach the best combination of treatments for me. Since becoming a hormone patient, I feel better than I have in years and I weight loss now than I did when I got married 30 years ago.

    Emese always goes the extra mile to explore what is best for the individual patient and is a wealth of knowledge in BHRT, cholesterol and weight loss, among other things. And if she doesn’t know the answer herself, she researches and confers with her peers. I recommend Emese 100%.



    Optimizing health through hormones

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