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Hormone Therapy for Men in FL

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Are you experiencing issues in your sex life or experiencing symptoms of muscle loss? As a male, you may not think that hormones are a factor but they are. If hormone therapy is something you may be interested in then please contact Hale Wellness Clinic.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Did you know that by the age of 40 men will begin to experience changes in their hormones? Male menopause or andropause is a real thing that men experience but so many males are unaware. Hormone imbalances do not just happen in women, they happen in men too. Having hormone therapy treatments can help offset some of the symptoms that you may be feeling and that oftentimes get written off as normal signs of aging.

BHRT or Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that we use at Hale Wellness Clinic to help replenish the testosterone levels in our male patients. If you are experiencing loss of muscle mass, low libido, low energy levels, memory loss, night sweats, and many other symptoms then you may benefit from receiving testosterone hormone therapy.

Hormone Therapy For Men In Florida

Florida is well known for its beaches, amusement parks, all-year-round warm and sunny weather, and is home to hundreds of thousands of people. We at Hale Wellness Clinic happily serve the communities all throughout Florida and many of the surrounding areas with our telehealth providers for hormone therapy treatments.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Hormone Therapy

Males tend to not realize that what they are experiencing can be linked to hormones, here are some questions and answers for some questions we come across.

How Are BHRT Treatments Administered?

Our BHRT treatments are administered by the use of creams or oral supplements. Creams are applied to the skin, generally the scrotum, and absorbed. Oral supplements are taken daily for best results. Determining which treatment option is best for you will require a consultation with our practitioner.

How Can Hormone Therapy Help Men?

Loss of hormones is as common in men and can affect different areas of their life. BHRT helps to replace your testosterone levels which in turn leads to better health and a better life.

How Long Can Hormone Therapy Be Used?

This is a question that many ask and the answer is different for each individual. Everyone responds to the treatments differently and are personalized to that particular person’s needs.

What Do Your Treatment Programs Include?

Our programs are based on the individual needs of our patients based on a comprehensive exam, lab work, personal health, and family history. With that, you will receive treatment from an expert provider, a plan that includes nutrition and fitness recommendations, supplements, and hormone testing of your levels so we can tweak your treatments as needed.

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