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Hormone Therapy For Men in Oregon

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Even though women are more susceptible to developing hormonal imbalances, men suffer from this as well throughout their lifetime. They experience hormonal imbalance disorders when they are young and going through puberty. As men age, prostate cancer, and lower testosterone can cause hormone imbalances. These medical conditions cause low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, and an array of issues.

Our Team Provides Hormone Therapy For Men

We are here to help men in Oregon during their times of hormonal imbalances. Our statistics show that most men have above satisfactory results and continue back to their normal life after BHRT.  At Hale Wellness Clinic, we come up with a wellness plan to meet each client’s particular needs and perform lab tests to determine what nutrition and fitness are needed on top of the BHRT.

Hormone Therapy For Men Near Me in Oregon

If you are looking for more information about hormone therapy for men in Oregon, please reach out to our office. We offer telehealth services to Oregon and you can check out our areas served page for more info about the areas we serve.

Common Questions

Men often are a little apprehensive at first about BHRT and have several questions. Here are a couple of questions frequently asked.

When Should A Male Start BHRT?

BHRT is usually started with men that are over 30 that are experiencing symptoms caused by hormone imbalance. Male patients typically report weaker sexual function, mental health strain, low hormone levels, urinary issues, etc… These can all be tied to low testosterone levels with proper lab tests. Once confirmed, the sooner testosterone replacement therapy can begin, the sooner men can start to feel better. They can come in for a lab test to determine if they should start the process.

How long does it take for BHRT to work for men?

In as little as three weeks, a man can notice positive results from BHRT. Low testosterone is a problem that can quickly be fixed especially with testosterone replacement therapy injections.

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