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Children’s Museum of Phoenix

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The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has been voted the best place to take the kids by Pheonix Magazine. Throughout this attraction, children from birth until ten years of age will experience learning through joyful playing. There are three floors of hands-on interactive exhibits that will engage the mind, muscles, and imagination. 

Where Is The Children’s Museum of Phoenix Located?

This museum is easy to find, only minutes away from the Arizona State University-Mercado Campuses and the Arizona Shopping Mall. It is located at 215 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034, with free onsite parking. Before purchasing any tickets, plan ahead and check out the calendar for one of the fun interactive events the museum has throughout the year. You can use the link below to access their 2023 calendar events. 

What To Do At The Children’s Museum Of Phoenix?

There is a wide variety of hands-on experiences, like an art studio for creative expression or BlockMania for stacking and hand-eye coordination. The exhibits are uniquely designed for children to enjoy learning and roam freely through each interactive room and floor. 

Not only will they learn how to engage their minds and muscles through creativity, but they will also learn valuable life skills, like taking care of a garden, shopping in a market, and the importance of reading to provide later success in school.

Other Things To Do Nearby

If you want to further your adventure with hands-on and interactive attractions, the Arizona Science Center or the Phoenix Zoo is minutes away from the museum. 

If you are looking for a place to sit down and eat or grab food before heading to your next destination, then you will be happy to know that several restaurants are nearby. The Pizzeria Bianco, Willies Taco Joint, and Welcome Diner are some of the more popular ones based on reviews. 

How To Get To The Children’s Museum Of Arizona From Hale Wellness Clinic

Since Hale Wellness Clinic provides telehealth weight loss, health, and hormone treatment, you can plan a trip to the museum and leave immediately after your consultation. For a faster route, use the directions below and input your home as your starting location. Click here to visit another attraction.

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